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5 maggio 2016

Pictures to not forget

The photos are suspended life. You can’t stop looking at the pictures taken by Spartaco, Giulia, Vinicio or by Massimiliano , they implore you not …

19 aprile 2016

The Ritual of Fire

His name is Lucio. He has already prepared the fire and is waiting for the coals to become red-hot as he chooses the meat for …

19 aprile 2016

Daniele’s cakes

Know those beautiful cakes, so colourful and perfect, that they look fake? Here…we prefer Daniele’s cakes, who wakes up at five because at that time …

15 aprile 2016

Steal the treasure from flowers

It is difficult to describe the tonalities and nuances of your imagination, but we have some advice: talk to Stefania and Alessandra. They know the …

15 aprile 2016

From the summit of Aventino

In Rome, on the top of the elegant Aventino hill, a small surprise awaits. Just after the Orange Garden, the keyhole in the gate of …

14 aprile 2016

Fusion using the lost wax method

It was the grandfather, Matteo, who in the 50’s began what would then become family tradition. The artisan workshop in specialized in the production of …

26 marzo 2016

Tiffany blue Macaroons

The chromatic theme of the reception, seductive Blue Tiffany, finds its crowning piece on the sweet table. Gelatin candies were custom made by an old …

24 marzo 2016

Discover hidden smells and tastes

Sara, who comes out of her kitchen to sit down and have a sip of red wine. Sara, who tells you about that moment in …

19 marzo 2016

Mise en place retro

The setting is informal, with a familiar Christmastime atmosphere; the details are elegant with 1960’s decorations. For the mise en place we used dried flowers, …