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Time travellers

Wedding in an ancient village in the Roman countryside

The leather suitcase that smells of the Orient Express, packed with books that will accompany this long journey: Dumas, Buzzati…..
The crystals and candles on the water.
Ladies and Gentlemen, onboard, it’s time to go… would you like a cup of tea?


Two themes are recurrent at the reception: adventurous classic literature and travel.

Thus, in the setting are original antique books, set up in corners with strong vintage characteristics in which small elements of antique furniture and ornaments are used.

The theme of travel becomes metaphor when our time traveler puts down his inseparable camel suitcase, a living witness of his journeys, and finds refreshment thanks to the treats in his pic-nick basket from the 1930’s. Before going back to his wandering he has an impeccable “desert tea” with ceramics and lace in perfect Liberty style.


“Moi! je mène la vie la plus heureuse que je connaisse, une véritable vie de pacha; je suis le roi de la création: je me plais dans un endroit, j’y reste; je m’ennuie, je pars; je suis libre comme l’oiseau, j’ai des ailes comme lui”
“Le Comte de Monte-Cristo” – Alexandre Dumas

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