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When you have your hand in pasta

Cooking contest for MPS-AXA

Sometimes you find yourself in a Reality Show, and not by choice

Imagine your company decides to organize an evening to celebrate Christmas together.

And imagine that one of your bosses chooses four of you for a cooking competition, with a real chef to manage the pans on the fire, and all your colleagues are the judges.

“Nothing complicated” – they say- “a carbonara, an amatriciana, shrimp….things like that…”

You clearly can’t get out of it, but what will happen if you are Irish and your specialty is not pasta, but beer?


The client MPS-AXA wants to award four of its employees who have reached particularly significant economic goals during the year, but they want it to be a surprise; and so ask us for an idea so that the awards are given almost casually, apparently for other reasons.

The idea is to organize a cooking competition in which the four to be awarded will participate, casually selected – but not really – by some company officials. The four will have to show off at the burners, guided by one of our best chefs and under his vigilant eyes.

The competition begins a little damper, with a certain fear on the part of the four unaware participants, but with the capability and enthusiasm of the chef, they are able to break the ice…evermore emotionally involved, they throw themselves into the competition. In the end, the results of their fatigue are put to the taste test by their fellow diners who don’t create a classification of preferences, but award a single victory ex equo.

Other than the company award received, the four winners also received the apron they wore in the kitchen during the contest, for the everlasting memory of the fantastic culinary workshop in which they were protagonists.



“Si vous n’êtes pas capable d’un peu de sorcellerie,
ce n’est pas la peine de vous mêler de cuisine”
Prisons et paradis – Sidonie Gabrielle Colette

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