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A spectacular team

Team building with the employees with Tele Sistemi Ferroviari

In the end, it was all fake: fake actors, fake set designs, fake corps de ballet, fake directors and cameramen. Even the musicians and singers were fake…

Instead, the legendary Teatro 5 in Cinecittà was real.

The date and time of the event were terrifying: Friday the 17th, at 17:13

The story of a pre-announced flop?

Absolutely not! How can the employees of a big company fail; those who decide to invent, create and put on an entire, real show for their annual convention?

How many spectators were there? Well, the usual suspects: between friends and relatives about 2500 people…


Tele Sistemi Ferroviari decided to transform its annual convention in an enormous team-building event in which most of the 500 company employees were involved.

Everybody, from ushers to general directors, are divided into groups and then led by professionals.

Those who perform a theatrical scene are guided by a true choreographer and a real director.

Those who create the scenography, created in real workshops, follow the directions of a theatrical scenographer.

The group that creates the cinematographic entourage is led by a director, with the support of the director of photography and a set designer; while the employees who have musical abilities, directed by a real composer, give life to a small orchestra to which the composition of the soundtrack is given.

The theme of the convention? “Fried air? No, a pot full of talent!” also becomes the title of the show, confirming that TSF is made of people who, with their abilities and professional competence, but also their weaknesses, aren’t afraid to risk.

The desire to create a team in the end wins over all the individualism and not even fate can destroy it: Friday the 17th at 17:13!



“Cinecittà is like Hollywood, a place where you can do anything”
Francis Ford Coppola

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