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A Logical Project

Conception and Creation of the institutional Consip stand at COMPA

This is not only about creating a stand for an important Italian Corporate in an important exhibition in the sector. What they asked of us was to win a challenge of imagination, originality, and innovation.

A piece of cake! All we have to do is transform their logo into a three-dimensional structure…

Bravo! Bravissimo!


The winning project: from the institution’s logo a blueprint of what will become the stand is drawn up.

An open space with multiple access, requiring no closures of any kind and symbolizing the openness of the meeting and exchange, among not only the Administration of the State but also the Administration and the citizen.

Thus a structure with strong symbolic connotations, that earned enormous success and total consensus of the Ministry, was created – so much so that it was used for three consecutive years, first at the expo in Bologna, and then again at the expo in Milan.



“C’est le désir qui crée le désirable, et le projet qui pose la fin”
“Pour une morale de l’ambiguïté” – Simone de Beauvoir

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