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Weddings and events since 1991

We were one of the first Italian companies specialized in private and corporate event planning, and since then we have never stopped working – and having fun – in thinking up and realizing any kind of event, ceremony and reception. We work with private and corporate clients, in Italy and abroad, proposing unique and original services; we are very professional with a colorful creative imagination, and innate and infallible taste which guides us in our searches for the best of Italian Style. Why did we decide to call ourselves Bravo Bravissimo? Because they are among the most known Italian words, used all over the world to express appreciation and admiration, and to highlight an applause.

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Italian Style

Organizing a reception in Italy has something magical, because Italy has been blessed with beauty. A beauty that is not only breathtaking landscapes, architecture of churches and palaces, of towns or cities, but also for its history, culture and traditions.
To this magic we add out typical Italian style, inspiration, innate elegance, creativity and obsessive cure to detail until the reception will be like none other. We communicate well, are attentive and available, and we respond to your requests with original proposals until each of our events is different from all others.