Tiffany Blue

Massimiliano and Luana’s wedding

For this theme wedding we indulged ourselves with Tiffany Blue, as we used it everywhere: from cushions and ribbons up to water in the crystal vases.
We admit it: it wasn’t very easy but we sifted through all of Rome to find an old sweet shop for the Tiffany blue gelatin candies, the branch of a famous French patisserie to cook Tiffany blue macarons and an artisan candy maker who prepared sugared almonds with the whole almond covered in an unusual Tiffany blue sugar. Massimiliano and Luana’s reception, in a splendid villa on the ancient Appian Way, was designed and created with this color, and each decorative element had a trace of it. The crystal vases had blue water; the cushions specifically made for the occasion in that tone of blue and decorated with rhinestones. Further, a splendid blue Tiffany monogram, border and font for the menu. The crowning piece of this chromatic theme was found at the table of sweets.