The sand castle

The enchantment of a reception in a seaside castle on a summer evening

The turquoise light cast by the just-set sun, which slowly becomes a cobalt blue of night, and just look at those emerald highlights. The elegant clearness of the water or maybe the playful mirror effect. And then, all those stars….left by the sea or fallen from the sky? Yet, from afar it looked only like a sandcastle. The ancient fortified castle emerges from the seaside amongst old watchtowers. The sea unfolds immensely before the eyes and one can hear the constant breaking of the waves on the on the rocks below. The theme of this event is the sea and its elements, which characterize even the tables and buffet. The Plan de table de mariage is not written on framed cardboard, but takes life by tying a sea star to the name of each guest, which can be brought home as a keepsake. The shells, the most unique, become the principal decorative elements of the centerpieces, and madrepore corals embellish the sweet table.